MPM4CPS Young Researchers Workshop
University of Twente 18-19th of December 2015


  • The worshop programme is here [pdf].
  • The workshop combines (1) presentations by individual young researchers about their methods, tools and techniques with (2) hands-on work on tools and techniques.
  • To synthesize and relate the very different techniques and tools, Formalism Transformation Graph + Process Model (FTG+PM) models were developed.

Presentation and hands-on experience with first candidate tool / technique is modelling physical-system dynamics using bond graphs with 20-sim:

  • Discussion on specific foundations, maybe underlying principles of discussed techniques.
  • Hands-on work on case studies and benchmarks.
  • First step in formulating and documenting recommended procedures.
  • Document the above, and other existing techniques as contribution to dissemination via a book.

A visit to the University of Twente spinoff controllab (developers of the tool 20-sim) gave insight in the modelling and simulation-based design of a variety of cyber-physical systems.

This event brought together 25 young researcher participants.


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The reports of the completed 2015 - 2018 STSMs can now be consulted here.

The MPM4CPS Training School (18 - 21 November 2018) and Closing Conference (22 - 23 November 2018) took place in Pisa, Italy.