WG1: Foundations

  • Characterize/categorize (“chart”) existing modelling languages used in the different disciplines using typical industrial CPS scenarios (see also WG 4)
  • Develop MPM framework to relate/combine (unify) modelling languages and techniques
  • Apply and mostly combine MPM, Control, Hybrid Systems, … while dealing with the heterogeneity of CPS, and identifying common formalisms and ontologies used in CPS

  • Chair: Prof. Holger Giese
  • Vice-Chair: Dr. Dominique Blouin
  • Rapporteur:
  • Regular:


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The reports of the completed 2015 - 2018 STSMs can now be consulted here.

The MPM4CPS Training School (18 - 21 November 2018) and Closing Conference (22 - 23 November 2018) took place in Pisa, Italy.